Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Nausea. It's like the bane of my life at the mo. I have no idea why they call it morning sickness as it seems to hit me day and night. I can't wait until this eases up and I can feel like myself again. In the meantime there's a few things I have found that help:

Lying down and keeping really still - yep, if it gets really bad I have to lay in my bed!

Getting lots of sleep - I've noticed that my nausea improves tenfold if I sleep loads.

Eating cold meals or getting someone else to cook - I can't stand the smell of cooking right now (more so in the eve).

Have my main meal in the afternoon - the poor baby still needs to be fed and my nausea isn't usually as bad at lunch time.

Consume lots of carbs - think wholemeal bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.

Fizzy drinks - soda water, coca-cola, Appletiser and Rio. They all do it for me.

Ice lollies - I can't get enough of them at the mo. I don't know why but they really do work. 

Sea Bands (I have these here) - admittedly I've not used them for a few weeks but they seem to work when I do.

Boiled sweets - humbugs are my thing at the mo. They're lovely and minty fresh.

Ginger - biscuits, tea, cold drinks etc. I'm sick of ginger right now but it worked for me in the beginning. I have found Nairn's Ginger Oat Biscuits to be particularly good.

One of the main things I find gross is the metallic taste I have in my mouth. That's where the ice lollies, humbugs and often fizzy drinks come in! As well as helping with the nausea they help to combat the yucky taste.

How do you combat morning sickness? 

Let me know in the comments box below!

Jess. xx


Hey guys! 

It seems like ages since I last updated this blog and so much has happened too! 

First thing's first - following on from my last post, the 'hook effect' is a real thing and that's exactly what was happening to me. Apparently pregnancy tests are only designed to pick up levels of hcg up to a certain point. Once your body reaches that point they are too high to register, hence why I started getting weak lines on my pregnancy tests. By diluting my urine (25% urine: 75% water) I was able to get nice strong lines once again. 

Regarding our disappearing twin, we've had 2 more scans since my last update (4 now altogether) and twin 2 was never seen again. Very sad, but if it had to die, doing so in the first trimester was the best case scenario. This is because the fetal tissue has now been absorbed by me, the placenta or the other twin. Hence the name 'vanishing twin syndrome'. It's horrible but we've had time to accept it now. I just keep imagining the day I tell my little one that they were an identical twin. : ( I don't even know if we will tell them or not. 

Talking of twin 1 - it's doing really well. In fact, it's doing so well that I'm actually 11 weeks pregnant according to my scans (not 10). We've been so lucky to be monitored by the Early Pregnancy Unit and at every scan our little one always measures just over a week ahead. It's currently the size of a lime!

Over the past 3 weeks my symptoms have been:

Metallic taste in my mouth.

Extreme tiredness - I feel like I could sleep forever!

Waking up frequently during the night. 

Night sweats (gross!).

Feeling very thirsty.

Mild period pains.


Feeling bloated / heavy stomach.

Sore boobs. (Mainly on the sides).

Feeling too hot, then too cold.

Nausea, which seems to be easing up a bit since last Sat. That said, I still feel it every day at about 5/5.30pm. At this point I cannot stand the smell of food cooking! Often I get it around 1pm too.

Heightened sense of smell when I feel nauseous. 

A weird heavy feeling in my crotch area (like my insides are falling out!). The EPU consultant thinks it might actually be my bowel. 

I've now stopped taking the Pregnacare Original tablets and went back onto Pregnacare Pre-conception for a bit. After still suffering with stomach pains and diarrhea I've finally started taking a Boots Folic Acid and Vitamin D tablet. These seem to be much better.

Next up - we have our NHS booking appointment in a week, our NHS 12 week scan in just under 2 weeks and we've booked in for a private NIPT + Scan in just over two weeks (when I'll be 12/13 weeks). This is £399.00 and includes the Harmony prenatal blood test (NIPT), a 2D ultrasound scan (inc prints), sexing (yes we are going to find out the sex!) and a 4DFREEVIEW with 3D ultrasound prints. How exciting!

Jess. xx

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Does anyone know anything about the hook effect? Following on from my pregnancy test lines coming up super weak, someone advised me to read up on it and try diluting my urine before testing. The top test is undiluted urine, and the others are diluted bit by bit. As you can see, the more I dilute my urine, the darker my test lines get!

Could this be the hook effect?

Jess. xx

Monday, 19 February 2018


Last Thurs a few of my pregnancy symptoms disappeared. By Friday morning I was very suspicious. I took 3 pregnancy tests and the lines were coming up much weaker than before. I had an emergency scan at the EPU and they couldn't find one of the twins. The sonographer said there is a chance that it's hidden behind the other. He kept thinking he could see a second heartbeat but was not sure if it was part of twin 1. 

I have been warned to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Sadly my test lines seem to be getting weaker by the day, so despite twin 1 measuring above what it should and having a very strong heartbeat it's looking like I might lose both. 

Could this be disappearing twin syndrome? If it is, what chance does twin 2 stand? 

Jess. xx

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


I cannot believe I get to write these words, but not only have we conceived naturally. We are also having identical twins!!!!! It's like a dream come true. Something beyond a miracle! Here's how we found out....

The day after I wrote the last blog post I woke up, went to the toilet and when I wiped there was bright red blood. Horrified, I rang the Early Pregnancy Unit and told them that the brown blood had now changed. They were very kind and offered to bring our 6/7 week scan forward to that day. I was 5+1 and of course my fiance and I were expecting the worst. We thought it was going to be game over....

But nope! It was far from game over because when the sonographer did the internal scan it revealed two very strong heartbeats! We couldn't believe it. I was crying. The sonographer was crying. Obviously she knew a bit about our history and the pain we had been through a few months before.

Not in a million years did I think this was going to happen to us, especially as I've been obsessed with identical twins for most of my adult life. This was the dream. That's all it was though. I never thought it was actually going to happen!!!

I'm really starting to believe in the law of attraction!

Now I understand why my pregnancy tests were so strong early on. I got a 3+ on a Clearblue test when I was only 4+5. As this test measures from the day you conceive that would have meant I was actually more like 5+4. But I didn't think I was that far gone. Sure, when I saw the super strong line on the First Response test I did think 'ohhhh, there's lots of hgc. That's a nice strong pregnancy'. For a second I also wondered if it was twins but that thought was instantly dismissed as I could never be that lucky!

Even when I posted pics of my tests on parenting forums, telling them I'm 4+5 the penny didn't drop. Everyone was saying 'you can't be 4+5, you must be further on'. As I said previously, I just thought it meant I have a nice strong pregnancy and high levels of hcg! Anyway....

This week's symptoms have been:

Acid reflux.

Terrible diarrhea.

Waking up frequently during the night with stomach cramps (because of the diarrhea). On a good day it's every 3 hours. On a bad it's every 30 mins. It's exhausting.

Feeling very thirsty.

Feeling bloated / heavy stomach.

Sore boobs. (Mainly on the sides).

Feeling too hot, then too cold.



Extreme tiredness.

Heightened sense of smell. (Everything stinks!).

Food adversions - I can't bear the idea of eating or smelling roast dinner. Usually my fave!

Very light brown discharge when I wipe.

I've been taking Pregnacare Max for 18 days now (ever since I found out I'm pregnant). Yesterday I went to the docs and explained about the diarrhea etc and she told me to swap to Pregnacare Original. I didn't take it last night and I feel better already. There was no 3-5am wake up call or nasty stomach pains throughout the night. I think those tablets were making me really ill you know!

Jess. xx

Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Good morning! Today I've been feeling really nauseous and have been throughout the night. I managed to get 9 hours sleep but kept waking up and when I did I felt sick. It's now nearly 11am and I've not eaten a thing. I'm not too bad if I keep still but as soon as I move it starts!

TMI - but I also have diarrhea. I can't work out whether this is pregnancy or if I'm actually ill. Also I'm suspicious of the Pregnacare Max tablets I'm taking as I've had diarrhea related issues ever since I've been pregnant and taking them.


The tests above were taken a few days ago when I was 4+5 and 25 DPO. I was so happy to see a test line stronger than the control line on the First Response and the 3+ on the Clearblue. I was expecting 1-2 as it measures from the date you conceived rather than how many weeks pregnant you are. I'm hoping this means I have a nice strong pregnancy and high levels of hcg.

This week's symptoms have been:

Feeling very thirsty.

Feeling bloated / heavy stomach.

Mild period-like pains / cramps.

Just under the nipples hurting (on and off).

The nipples stinging (on and off).

Pinching / stretching on both sides of the womb.

Feeling to hot, then too cold.

Peeing all the time (which now seems to have stopped since giving up de-caf coffee).

Heightened sense of smell.

Very light brown discharge when I wipe.

I've found the above symptom the most worrying and called the Early Pregnancy Unit for some reassurance yesterday. They said it's very common in early pregnancy and not to worry unless I'm in pain, it get worse or turns into red blood.

I don't get it every time I wipe but just every now and again. It's happened at least once a day for the past 5 days. Triggers seem to include going for a walk or for a number 2!!!

You've gotta love the TMI here. Lol. 

Jess. xx

Tuesday, 30 January 2018


I'm still in shock from finding out that this miracle has happened! ☺

Since we got our BFP last Friday I've been creating a pregnancy test progression line which is proving to be very reassuring. Today I'm 20 DPO (days past ovulation) and about 4 weeks gone. The test line came up as strong as the control line which was amazing to see. They get darker and darker every day. I feel so incredibly happy right now!

So far the only symptoms I have had is acid reflux and mild period-like pains/cramps. I get these on and off every day. It's the same as that feeling when you're about the come on. Yesterday I had the tiniest amount of brown (barely there) blood when I wiped. It was so light I could hardly see it and it only happened once. I also think things are starting to smell a bit too. Twice now I've wondered what the smell was and my fiance and I laughed as we kinda forgot it's part of being pregnant. 

In other news, we have our first scan booked for 19th Feb when I will be 6+6. I feel very blessed to be having one so early. When I had my miscarriage back in September 2017 the nurse at the Early Pregnancy Unit said if I ever get pregnant again I can have as many scans as I like. How kind is that?

Anyway, fingers crossed everything works out this time and I'll be sure to keep you all updated.

Jess. xx



Nausea. It's like the bane of my life at the mo. I have no idea why they call it morning sickness as it seems to hit me day and night. ...